Independent Beauty Sales Consultants (Remote)

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Shasmi Beauty is a nationwide branding cosmetic and skincare line located in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  We are currently hiring new professional, highly motivated, and self-sufficient IBSC” – Independent Beauty Sales Consultants to sell our skincare and cosmetic beauty products.

This is a genuine job online to be your own boss and the best part of this job opportunity is that you have full control your own income and how much you can earn each day based on your production.  You will have the flexibility to work part-time or full-time with a minimum of 25+ hours per week.

We will provide you detailed information on every product that is offered by Shasmi Beauty, so you will be able to educate your customers when they are ready to buy our beauty products.

Attention!  If this sounds like you let us know because we are investing our time into people who are passionate about the beauty industry and believe the client experience should be top-notch.

As an Independent Beauty Sales Consultant, you should feel that sharing your product knowledge with others is rewarding and you love seeing the smile on a customer’s face when you find a product they love! Our customers will experience your passion as you share the latest beauty trends and techniques.

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What is a Shasmi Beauty IBSC?

Shasmi Beauty independent beauty sale consultant is a cosmetic and skincare salesperson. The main job of an independent beauty sale consultant is to meet the sales goals of our beauty products while offering personalized customer service and maintaining long-lasting relationships with customers.

What does an IBSC do?  

They help customers to choose the right beauty products to make the most of their personal appearance and to suit their age, skin-type and lifestyle.  A Shasmi Beauty Consultant assists customers with skin care selections through personal, one-on-one interaction and the sharing of your knowledge and expertise. Your follow up after the sale enables you to build lasting customer relationships that will also help you to achieve personal and team selling and productivity goals.


We allow our IBSC’s to work in their own business office, work from home, remotely online, or interact business-to business in person.

It’s time to start earning money now so let’s get started today!

Become an IBSC and earn your own money with Shasmi Beauty.

The rewarding annual income potential ranges from $40,000.00 – $150,000.00 + per year for IBSC and IBSS.

You will have the ability to work part-time or full-time and create your own flexible work schedule.

What is required to become an Independent Beauty Sales Consultant?

  • Home office setup: Internet, computer, printer and fax machine.
  • You must be able to work a minimum of 25 hrs. per week or more.
  • 1099 IC registration one-time fee is $99.95 and is required to be paid at the time you join with us.
  • You must be able to pass our beauty consultant criminal background check cover the past 10 years only.

So what’s the wait!  It’s time to be your own boss and earn your own money working from home and JOIN NOW!

  • The IBSC start-up welcome package will include the following:
    • You will receive our initial starter kit of 2 – Skin Care and/or cosmetic products to show, test on customers and sell.  If you wish to order more products to keep in stock you can however, you will need to be able to order 2 of each product you select.
    • You will receive direct access to our online store and complete order form application to place your customer orders in a timely manner.
    • Jump start your business the right way and receive 10  business cards and fliers that will help you promote your products.
    • Shasmi Beauty special marketing tips and ideas to sell your products the most efficient way.
    • You will receive email support, live chat messenger assistance during business hours, slideshow presentation and general telephone customer service support that will help you gain full knowledge of the product(s) you are selling.
    • New product announcements and newsletter updates.
    • You will receive extra discounts on beauty product items.
    • You will probably want some stock which of course costs extra so please see the product pricing on our website. This method is great if you want to receive payments immediately from your customer without the shipping time.  If you do not want the extra products on hand then you can place orders as you receive them from customers, no worries.

Tier I.

Here is our attractive payment structure for selling Shasmi Beauty products:

  • You can earn 20% – 50% in profit for each beauty product(s) that you sell as long as it’s $50.00 or more in products per order placed.  There will be no profits earn until you meet your $50.00 order quota.

Payments:   Here is the breakdown of what our commission structure consist of earning for your total sells order.  If you sell $150.00 worth of products then you would earn $45.00 for that 1 sale.

  • $0 .00 – $49.99: 0% 
  • $50.00 – $149.00:  20% of the total sale earned.
  • $150.00 – $289.99:  30% of the total sale earned.
  • $290.00 – $434.00:  35% of the total sale earned.
  • $435.00 – $919.00:  40% of the total sale earned.
  • $920.00 – $1,569.00:  45% of the total sale earned.
  • $1,570.00 +:  50% of the total sale earned.

Tier II.

Independent Business Sales Supervisor

As a Shasmi Beauty Independent Business Sales Supervisor you will be able to advance your own business to our IBSS Supervisor level in no time, once you recruit and share with other people about our magnificent skin care line and beauty products.

To reach this level you must be able to recruit 5 new IBSC’s each month that will sign up with Shasmi Beauty to sell our beauty and skin care products.

  • You will earn a 10% flat rate commission for each order placed that is generated by your recruited IBSC’s in the amount of $50.00 or more in addition, to any sales that are generated according to this fee schedule.
  • You will earn a $10.00 one-time payment for every (new )IBSC that you refer and supervise on your team.  Please note:  This $10.00 payment will only be paid 1 time per new IBSC and not recurring.

Example:  On nice sunny good day you are working hard and you generate $435.00 in sales on your own and your new recruited IBSC generated $290.00 in sales. The first payment you will earn will include your $10.00 added bonus referral will be: $213.00 for that 1 IBSC sale.  WOW $$$$

  • $0 .00 – $49.99: 0% 
  • $50.00 – $149.00:  20% of the total sale earned.
  • $150.00 – $289.99:  30% of the total sale earned.
  • $290.00 – $434.00:  35% of the total sale earned.
  • $435.00 – $919.00:  40% of the total sale earned.
  • $920.00 – $1,569.00:  45% of the total sale earned.
  • $1,570.00 +:  50% of the total sale earned.

*Please keep in mind that the $50.00 minimum of products sold or more will still apply for all orders placed and of course the more you sell the more you will earn.

Responsibilities as an Independent Business Sales Supervisor

  • You will be responsible for any detailed training information and/or questions that your new IBSC’s may need to ask you directly.  However, if you can not answer any questions we are always available to assist you and your new team with our knowledge and guidance.
  • Once again…Recruit 5 new IBSC’s per month.  If you fail to recruit 5 new IBSC’s per month then you will only earn commissions for your generated sales for that month or until you meet your monthly quota of 5 IBSC’s.  We will keep a validated record of all IBSC’s you recruit on IBSS Tier II level and will credit you each month 10% for each sale generated by your recruited IBSC.
  • You must be able to work a minimum of 25 hrs. per week anytime for the day or night.
  • Work from home, remotely. Business-to Business or In-person – face to face

Shasmi Beauty IBSC Rewards:

*As our way of saying …. Thank You!  

Our monthly 2 top sellers will reap the benefits in many exciting ways.  As a top seller, you will be able to select 1 rewarding option listed down below.

  • You will receive a $25.00 pre-paid Visa or Mastercard card to spend anywhere.
  • You will be entered into our monthly sweepstakes drawing to receive 2 free beauty products of your choice from our online store for FREE.  The value worth $110.00.
  • You will receive 1 – $25.00 breakfast, lunch or dinner gift certificate.
  • You will receive a cashier’s check in the amount of $25.00 to help pay for any 1 – utility, phone or internet bill of your choice.
  • $25.00 pre-paid gas card to your favorite gas station or store in town.

To Apply:

So what’s the wait! It’s time to be your own boss and earn your own money working from home and JOIN NOW!

Please note:

Once you start placing regular orders with us, please allow 7 to 10 days to receive your Shasmi Beauty products.

Thank You for becoming apart of the Shasmi Beauty team!

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